Choose to Reuse


Teacher: 夏欣欣老師


Title : Choose to Reuse


Author: Lisa Bullard


Publisher:  Millbrook Press



 The book Choose to Reuse is about the idea of reusing. This picture book with the kid-friendly text and illustrations make our learning fun.



 Nowadays, we all throw away too many things. There are lots of ways to reuse old things. Reusing things instead of throwing it away keeps our earth cleaner. For example, we can reuse old stationery when new school term starts. We can carry our reusable water bottles and bring handkerchief to school. We can donate our old clothes to others. We can fix broken things to make less trash. Besides, it helps to produce less waste, saves money, energy and natural resources. We can protect our earth by reusing. Do your part to be a planet protector!