The Bad Seed


Teacher: Miss Kan

 Title: The Bad Seed

 Author: Jory John

 Illustrator: Pete Oswald

 Online version:



       This book is a New York Times bestseller! I’m sure you will enjoy the reading journey as the texts are well-illustrated. 


        It is about a bad seed. He is such a bad seed that every seeds knows he is a bad seed and comments him as so. He has bad manners. For example, he stares at everybody and never listens. But recently, the bad seed has a goal – he wants to be happy. How can he attain his goal? He has a change in both his mindset and behaviour.


        If you want to share his happiness, don’t wait to borrow this book from the public library or just read and listen to it online on YouTube. You can gain various tips to be an adorable child and you will realize that positive change is possible for each of us so long as you put your thoughts and words into actions one day at a time! Last but not least, keep trying and thinking!